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April 14, 2014

Bets and bobby

Bets and bobby

Such a different feeling starting this blog than the last time I did this. For those of you who don’t know me, almost a year ago I found my way to this wonderful community because my dog, the love of my life,  my heart,w as diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Long story short,  he wasn’t a great candidate for amp, and we lost him about 5 months later. .but he’s got his own page 😉


Fast forward several months, a rescue dog,  and the loss of another great animal of ours, or beloved cat Dexter,  I remained on this site, having found many friends,  helping others if I could with my story. Until one of those friends, Erica,  saw that there was a tripawd cat in my state who needed a rescue. ..

And that’s where we begin here. On a happy note. With a sweet, gentle, loving, beautiful kitty who lost his leg because it got mangled on a bear trap.  Had to be shaved because he was so matted when he was found,  saved by a fantastic rescue (Iroquois County Rescue), and eventually found his way into our homes and hearts.

We are only on day 2 of having him home.  But it’s been a calm two days.  He’s a gentle guy,  our recent Saint Bernard rescue dog  has amazed us how well she’s taken to him.  He’s managed to jump up and off of pretty much everything in our house, and even climbed a 10 foot ladder! (Not to mention scaring the bejeebus out of me). We love him so much!

I can honestly say,  this year had been one of the more trying of my life, having lost my two furry boys within months of each other, and as I tell people, I didn’t replace them.  They have stolen a piece of my heart. I simply honored their lives by helping out others who needed us, and in turn I smile bright again. …

So,  let me introduce my sweet boy.  Bobby! He’s a big boy,  already weighing about 24 lbs and they say he needs to gain weight? ! Lol he’s about 3 years old. A Maine coon, and the latest addition to our hearts..

Lori and Bobby the cat..




11 Responses to “Rescued!”

  1. trituck said:

    What a wonderful welcome to our beloved community, Lori.

    Bobby is certainly going to teach you a “thing or two” about tripawd kitties!

    Many hugs

    Linda and Tucker

  2. elizabeth said:

    I LOVE this! I just love the part about honoring our babies by helping another. It is SO true. Bobby, you are such a cutie. I can’t wait to hear more about your “adventures” and please, stay off those ladders. You will scare the bejeebus out of all of us!

  3. Karma said:

    Yay… welcome Mr. Bobby. (Lori, my Allegra used to climb an extension ladder up and down from the roof when I was in college. You know, we were in college, so we’d all sit on the roof and hang out … with my cat). 😀
    Wish I could meet Bobby in person.
    Karma, Adelaide and the crew, and our sweet angel Brendol

  4. Michelle said:

    Yay. Glad to see Bobby has a blog. Now you have 2 of them to update LOL

    Lots & lots of pictures of Bobby.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  5. rica55 said:

    Oh this made me cry….it never lessens the pain of losing your babies ever but theres always a reason for everything. Betsy and Bobby are now in your lives for a reason and have two wonderful guardian angels looking down on them…
    You know I can’t wait for more pics and videos 🙂

  6. benny55 said:

    This will be so much fun following Bobby….a “well-muscled fluffy” kitty and all his exploits! I’m so glad Betty likes him!

    Yoj articulated everything s well and I’m so glad you made room for Bobbymin that huge heart of yours.

    Love to all the pack!

    Sally ad Happy Hannah

  7. stevethetripawdlady said:

    Who is telling you that he needs to gain weight?! Maine Coons grow until they are about 4 years old, at which age males weigh anywhere from 15-25 pounds. My boy isn’t full blood Maine Coon, turns 5 this fall, and weighs 18 pounds on a full belly. Are they thinking he looks thin because he doesn’t have a full coat?

    Is Bobby your first Maine Coon? Has anyone told you about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? I’m assuming if Bobby has undergone surgery, he’s been checked for it.

    • lorimomofasaint said:

      Hi! 🙂
      He’s a solid muscular big boy. I had asked his foster his feeding schedule because I was concerned about his weight in general since he is a front amp. She is the one who said to he could gain a little. (Honestly it could be because he’s shaved an looks thinner than normal. That makes sense)

      My husband grew up with a few Maine coons. Along with a slew of random other strays his mom nursed back to health. Unfortunately we do know about HCM. My brothers Mainecoon passed very suddenly from it. Our vet is also an internist, so I’ll make sure he’s thoroughly checked when we bring him in to ours. He’s been checked and very thoroughly monitored because of his amp, but my brothers cat never showed signs of illness, and they had a great vet too. I hear it’s sometimes hard to dx? I don’t know if they do EKGs before they operated. I’m sure he was checked for murmurs and over all health. But I’ll make sure to ask my vet too as we plan on bringing him in for a wellness exam.

      • stevethetripawdlady said:

        Phew! Glad you’re familiar with it! Our family found out about it the hard way.

        My sister adopted a Maine Coon just by chance at a shelter. They didn’t realize he was a Maine Coon until he grew to 24 pounds! He was a great cat, so lovable and sweet; then sadly one night, when he was 4, he woke up in the middle of the night, screamed, and dropped dead. After talking to a few vets, the general consensus was that he died of a heart attack due to HCM.

        A couple of years later, my sister adopted another Maine Coon mix by chance at another shelter! This time she had him checked for HCM, and since he was showing signs, he’s on Atenolol. He’s already outlived his vet’s expectations!!

        Our big guy has been checked for heart murmurs and so far has a clean bill of health. Steve looks like she might have a little Maine Coon in her, but I don’t know if the vet has ever heard what her heart actually sounds like, because she starts purring as soon as anyone touches her!!

        You really hit the jackpot with Bobby…orange and Maine Coon!! Greatest ever! 🙂

        • lorimomofasaint said:

          Oh my goodness! !!! That is almost EXACTLY what happened to my brothers cat 🙁 he was really young too. Maybe 4 years old? This post actually prompted me to make sure the condition was covered under our insurance plan that we have him on. Then I upgraded it just in case lol. I will for sure have to discuss with my vet about checking for it. Im glad your sisters guy now is holding strong!
          We always had Grey cats. . I met my husband that way (the cats were here before me) and I’ve secretly always wanted an orange guy 😉 we definitely hit the jackpot with him!

  8. jerry said:


    OH my gosh Lori, what an awesome thing you did to adopt this sweetheart. Talk about meant to BE!

    Every time a Tripawd adoption happens through this community the entire Tripawd Heavens sing and bark and dance! I can see Chuck and all of our heroes having a ball over your new pack mate. Congratulations and THANK YOU, it’s pawesome having you as a part of this wonderful community. xoxo

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