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this cat. ..

October 22, 2014


hard to believe he used to be an outdoor farm cat. . He has to be the most snuggly cat I’ve ever had.  <3 him so much.

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My  got to take his class mascot home, and had to write a story about his adventures with Bobby the bear. . And of course our Bob cat made the cut!

When Jake read the story, the kids were mostly enthralled with bob’s, which Jake proudly explained how great he walks and gets around 🙂 just wanted to share that story.  Hope everyone is doing well! ! Here’s the full story:


Lori and the family

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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hey everyone!  Sorry it’s been a while.  This summer has kept us busy busy.  As you can see, Bob is worn out from all the activity 😉 he’s been spending his days sleeping, following around his big sis, snuggling with her,  competing for attention with her,  eating her food and vice versa 😀 It’s pretty awesome how great they both get a long.  The other ladies of the house have really grown to love the big guy too!  It’s so awesome how well they’ve all adapted to each other 😉

I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool! Happy summer!

Lori and the crazy crew


I just wanted to post a video of the bobster walking down the stairs. He’s usually so fast I can’t get video of it. Lol he’s settled in so wonderfully..he really is one awesome big guy. I also enjoyed watching other people’s videos of their cats with three legs, so figured I would put this up here so others can see how well he gets downstairs. He does just about everything a “normal” cat can do. literally. He climbs our 5 foot tall cat house. Jumps on our bed, with no problem. climbs ladders. You name it 🙂 Hes very playful though, so when he goes to swat at something, or your arm for example…he does it with his, for a lack of a better word, nub. lol 😉 Hes simply awesome 🙂 🙂




~ Lori, BobCat, and the rest of the zoo


April 27, 2014



I haven’t updated in a while, but needless to say all of our fuzzbutts are settling in nicely. They are getting along well, and seeming to be comfortable with each other! Our fur angels would be proud 🙂

Lori and the family


April 14, 2014

Bets and bobby

Bets and bobby

Such a different feeling starting this blog than the last time I did this. For those of you who don’t know me, almost a year ago I found my way to this wonderful community because my dog, the love of my life,  my heart,w as diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Long story short,  he wasn’t a great candidate for amp, and we lost him about 5 months later. .but he’s got his own page 😉


Fast forward several months, a rescue dog,  and the loss of another great animal of ours, or beloved cat Dexter,  I remained on this site, having found many friends,  helping others if I could with my story. Until one of those friends, Erica,  saw that there was a tripawd cat in my state who needed a rescue. ..

And that’s where we begin here. On a happy note. With a sweet, gentle, loving, beautiful kitty who lost his leg because it got mangled on a bear trap.  Had to be shaved because he was so matted when he was found,  saved by a fantastic rescue (Iroquois County Rescue), and eventually found his way into our homes and hearts.

We are only on day 2 of having him home.  But it’s been a calm two days.  He’s a gentle guy,  our recent Saint Bernard rescue dog  has amazed us how well she’s taken to him.  He’s managed to jump up and off of pretty much everything in our house, and even climbed a 10 foot ladder! (Not to mention scaring the bejeebus out of me). We love him so much!

I can honestly say,  this year had been one of the more trying of my life, having lost my two furry boys within months of each other, and as I tell people, I didn’t replace them.  They have stolen a piece of my heart. I simply honored their lives by helping out others who needed us, and in turn I smile bright again. …

So,  let me introduce my sweet boy.  Bobby! He’s a big boy,  already weighing about 24 lbs and they say he needs to gain weight? ! Lol he’s about 3 years old. A Maine coon, and the latest addition to our hearts..

Lori and Bobby the cat..